Industrial Heating

Our Capabilities

Werlatone supplies Combiners and Directional Couplers to satisfy a variety of Industrial applications. We can address multiple High Power ISM applications, VHF through C-Band, utilizing N-Way Radial and E-Plane Combiner architectures. Power levels in excess of 64 kW CW and 200 kW Peak.


High Power RF Energy systems used in the preparation, processing, or treatment of materials.

A full range of Directional Couplers and Digital In-Line Power Meters to support various ISM applications.


High Power Radial Combiners & E-Plane Combiners are utilized in support of Solid State Amplifier architectures. Our low loss N-Way Combiners handle High CW Power and High Peak Power requirements.

Industrial RF heating is used for processing materials in many markets, with electromagnetic (EM) energy directed at dielectric materials between electrodes to generate heat within the materials. By combining multiple energy sources, suitable RF power levels can be achieved for heating; this is typically done with coaxial power combiners capable of adding the energy contributions of multiple energy sources at RF and microwave frequencies. Industrial RF heating is attractive for many applications since it quickly generates uniform heating patterns in the material being treated, enabling reduced process times.

In contrast to other industrial heating processes, such as those powered by burning coal or heating oil, industrial RF heating does not release environmentally harmful “greenhouse” gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). Heating with high RF power levels is usually achieved at pre-approved frequencies within the Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) range, such as 915 MHz or 2.45 GHz, or at Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) frequencies such as 1910 MHz. As it involves radiating EM RF energy at the material to be heated, selective heating can be performed at specific components or selective sections of a material to be heated.

Power combiners are key components in RF industrial heating systems that typically add the outputs of multiple amplifiers to achieve the single high channel of RF energy required for material purposes. Low-loss power combiners capable of 64 kW CW and 200 kW peak power levels at VHF (0.01 MHz) through C-band (5.9 GHz) frequencies safely provide the RF energy levels needed for dependable, production-grade industrial heating systems.

Generating and managing the RF/microwave energy levels needed for producing heat in different materials requires power combiners with low insertion loss and return loss and rugged construction. Due to the high power levels, they should also be constructed with adequate EMI/EMC shielding for their frequency range and power levels, to minimize interference with nearby electronic components and systems. Within industrial heating systems, RF/microwave power monitoring/measuring capabilities can be provided by means of suitable directional couplers and digital power meters.

Power combiners for industrial RF heating systems are typically available in many configurations, depending upon the number of energy sources, including two-, three-, four-, five-, six-, eight-, and sixteen-way models. The components are designed to meet MIL-STD-810 environmental conditions at different power levels and frequencies . In addition, Mismatch Tolerant® power combiners are designed to handle severe load-mismatch conditions at high power levels without damage to the combiner or the RF industrial heating system.

Radial power combiners with 16 or more ports and low loss provide the means to combine multiple energy sources for industrial RF heating applications.