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Learn more about our products from RF coupler designs to high power combiner models.

Werlatone is your source of information about a wide range of military, commercial, and industrial technology. With high power combiner models, along with directional couplers, hybrid combiners, and filters, our line of high power, multi-octave devices leads the industry in performance and customer satisfaction. Discover how these new products are decades ahead of the competition and can help you succeed in your field.

The following articles provide additional information about our technology, our innovative products, and how they can be implemented in your devices. From commercial and government testing facilities to university labs, our products are the backbone of well-functioning systems that our society depends upon. Find out more about our standard product line as well as custom building options and learn how wide bandwidth, directional and RF couplers, high power combiners, and our absorptive filters can improve your operations today.