Dual Directional Couplers

RF Coupler - Model C8998

Werlatone Dual Directional Couplers

Werlatone Dual Directional Couplers – A 4-Port Dual Directional Coupler employs two, 3-Port Uni-Directional Couplers internally connected, in tandem, providing measurement of both forward and reverse power.

Ideal for simultaneously monitoring a system’s forward and reverse power and for reflectometer measurements. Unlike the Bi-Directional Coupler, the directivity of the Dual Directional Coupler is unaffected by the loads on the coupled ports.

Werlatone® Broadband Dual Directional RF Couplers are designed to tolerate the most stringent operating conditions associated with military and EMC testing environments. Many of our RF Directional Couplers, designated Mismatch Tolerant®, will operate continuously, at rated power, into an Infinite VSWR. Once again, the Mismatch Tolerant® capability is extremely valuable in military and EMC testing environments. 

Our patented line of High Power, Broadband, 10:1 Bandwidth Bi and Uni-Directional RF Couplers achieves very tight coupling values (6-20 dB), at very low insertion loss. These stripline coupler designs are electrically shorter and physically smaller than traditional coupler designs. Click Here for a full list of our High Power Directional Couplers

A Few of our Dual Directional Couplers