Distributive Antenna Systems (DAS)





Werlatone’s Multi-Carrier Broadband Power Combiners & Power Splitters allow you to run one run of 50 ohm cable, simultaneously carrying multiple service bands, without the requirement of separating the bands from one another.

  • Our Broadband Power Combiners & Power Splitters cover multiple carriers between 80 and 2400 MHz.
  • All Broadband Power Combiners & Power Splitters simultaneously transmit and receive.
  • Even and Uneven Broadband Power Splitters available.
  • Available with IP65 rating.
  • Available with N Female Connectors. 7/16 DIN connectors available on case by case basis.

Isolation vs Output Termination VSWR For a Combining Hybrid

Inherent isolation degrades as a function of Output Termination VSWR. As the Output Termination VSWR approaches 2.5:1, a combiner with infinite Inherent Isolation, provides only 2 dB more Isolation than one with 15 dB Inherent Isolation, and only 1 dB more than a unit with 20 dB Inherent Isolation. Therefore, any investment in a unit with greater than 20 dB Inherent Isolation, operating into an Output Termination VSWR greater or equal to 2.5:1, should be reviewed.