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Our Markets


  • Communication & EW
  • HF, VHF, UHF, S-Band
  • Fixed, Mobile, Airborne, Ship Board


  • AM, FM, VHF, UHF, Cellular
  • Digital UHF, Satellite Radio


  • EMC, Medical, Semiconductors

Test and Measurement

  • Commercial Test Facilities
  • University Labs
  • Government Test Facilities

Our Designs

High Power, Multi-Octave Performance

  • Frequency: DC to 6 GHz
  • Power: 5 W CW to 100 kW CW

Mismatch Tolerant® Designs

  • Operate, at rated power, into Severe
  •   Load Mismatch

Tolerate Extreme Environment Conditions

  • Designed or tested to MIL STD
  •   Specifications

Tolerate Severe Input Unbalances

  • Most designs tolerate full input failures

Non-Magnetic Circuits

  • Suitable for MRI applications

RF Transformers

  • - For other than 50 Ohm applications
In-building applications
Custom Designs


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Founded in 1965, Werlatone® is a leading supplier of high power, broadband RF coaxial components to include High Power (Uni, Dual, Bi) Coaxial Directional Couplers, 90° Hybrid Couplers, High Power RF Combiners / Power Dividers, and 180° Hybrid RF Combiners / Dividers. Our dedication to the highest quality and on-time delivery places us among the most respected suppliers in the RF industry.

Werlatone® Mismatch Tolerant® RF (Uni, Dual, Bi) Directional Coupler and RF Combiner and RF Divider designs operate continuously, at rated power, into high load VSWR conditions, without damage. Our wideband Non-Coherent RF Combiners allow our customers the ability to instantaneously combine multiple, non-coherent channels into one output.

Werlatone® patented 90° Hybrid Couplers, (Uni, Dual, Bi) Directional Couplers, and 180° Hybrid Combiners / Dividers provide up to 17:1 bandwidth capability, at high power; ideal for broadband RF components for emerging RF amplifier and antenna designs.

Mismatch Tolerant®  is a registered trademark of Werlatone, Inc.